Blockchain and Crypto Asset Exchange

Exchange : Buy and Sell Crypto

(An Exchange is not a Wallet > Do not let all your coins on an Exchange, just enough to Trade)

You can earn Crypto by trading

Do NOT use Money you need to live. Trade is at your Own Risk.

Faucet : Many Rewards (Click Here for Details)

Referral Program : 50 % for each Trade completed by your Referrals

Taker fee : 0.10%

Maker fee : -0.01%

Withdrawal fee (Bitcoin) :  0.001 BTC

Trade Order : No Minimum (1 Sats)

Crex24 : Trade a huge panel of Cryptocurrency (400+)

(ETH, ETC, LTC, DOGE, DGB, POD and many more)

First Deposit

Faucets : Free Crypto


Each Member can create a Faucet so theres a lot more to claim each day

than the list you can see on the previous screenshot

Here you can see what i got from Faucets in around 23 Days

Thanks for using my links and happy earnings !

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